I believe that any business providing a valuable service should not be reluctant to give a prospective customer complete and accurate information about costs. My rates are competitive and all-inclusive. Considering the fact that landscaping can easily add up to a quarter of the value of your entire home, the cost of my services will easily be repaid in time and money saved during installation, mistakes avoided, and satisfaction gained.

General Consultation

Many projects do not require a full-blown design process. Consulting is a fast and economical way to get exactly the help you need to achieve the landscape you want. I can provide any level of design assistance you wish on the spot, including concept sketches. While not as precise or detailed as a full design, such quick sketches are often quite sufficient for the project at hand.

My rates for consulting are as follows:

On-site:Minimum $100 per session, includes first hour.
$75 per additional hour during same session.
Telephone:Minimum $25 per session, includes first 20 minutes.
$75 per additional hour during same session.