Color in the Garden

Plenty of color is the feature most requested by my clients. Although flowers are the first thing that comes to mind, there are many ways to inject bold and beautiful colors throughout the landscape. Some care is required to avoid a "crazy quilt" effect, though; color should flow and soothe rather than overwhelm. A little can go a long way!

Elements in the Garden

Gardens can be more than plants. My clients often want something special to set their landscape apart. A cleverly placed object or decoration can provide a focal point and offer the perfect finishing touch. Many customers are surprised to find they already own the perfect, long-forgotten item. "Trash" can indeed turn into gardening treasure!

Lawnless Gardens

In this time of uncertainty about our water supplies, it is essential that we find ways to conserve. Lawns are huge consumers of water, and very maintenance-intensive to boot. Increasingly clients are looking for ways to phase out vast expanses of grass. Let's turn that patch of brown turf into an oasis of beauty!

Cats in the Garden

My gardens are designed for the enjoyment of all. I am especially pleased when our furry friends also find peace and relaxation in my creations. Cats are their own special works of art, and I think a garden is always improved by their presence. They never fail to show us new and creative ways in which a garden can be appreciated!